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Reducing Accidents in Parking Lots

Accidents in parking lots and parking garage structures account for thousands of deaths and injuries every year.

As written by the National Safety Council, "inadequate pavement striping, potholes or cracks, lack of signage, debris, poor lighting, puddles, and snow and ice also can lead to pedestrian injuries. Slips, trips and falls are common in parking lots, and falls in general are the leading cause of death for older adults".

This is a very powerful statement to hear as a parking lot owner or parking lot maintenance and painting company. The care put into your lot can be the difference between life and death or serious injury to your clients. As a parking lot owner it is your responsibility to keep your guests safe.

Here are some tips to help you complete this task:


  • Have bright and distinctly painted drive lanes and parking stalls

  • Use directional arrows

  • Have designated walking paths and proper hatching

  • Have cleared and well distinguished emergency vehicle lanes

  • Have brightly painted speed bumps

  • Paint any uneven pavement to clearly warn pedestrians

  • Have designated stalls near the entrance for handicapable use and family parking

  • Use stop bars on the ground and stencil painting "STOP" markings

  • Use the appropriate paint for your surface and location.

  • Use specialized paint to make your crosswalks visible and have grip


  • Ensure there are no areas where water pools

  • Ensure cracks and potholes are filled

  • Ensure that the ground is even and any changes in height are well indicated

  • Add cement blocks between parking stalls in areas where cars tend to pass through stalls


  • Ensure proper lighting

  • Keep lot clear of debris and clutter

  • Keep lot clean and free of mud and dirt E

  • Ensure proper winter snow clearing and salting is done before your lot opens and is maintained during operating hours

  • Put up mirrors at blind corners

  • Use proper signage to indicate exits, designated stalls and pedestrian crossings

By using these tips, you can know that you are doing your best to keep your guests and clients safe while they are in your lot.

These safety features will mean a lot to an elderly person walking safely into your business or a mother getting herself and her children through the lot safely. They are also important for the general public. No one thinks they will be the victim of a parking lot accident until it happens to them or a loved one.

The main things to remember are:

1. Clear, clean, bright indications

2. Designated walkways and drive lanes

3. Smooth, even, well marked and cleared ground

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