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5 Benefits Of Parking Lot Line Painting

Parking lot line painting is not only important for maintaining the look of your property but is also important to ensure the safety of your clients, keeping your lot updated and protecting your liability. Here we will look at 5 benefits of parking lot line painting.

1. Reducing Car Accidents. Keeping the parking lot lines bright and visible encourages drivers to stay in the designated drive lanes and parking stalls. Accidents often happen in parking lots when drivers go outside of designated lanes or go the wrong way in the parking lot and oncoming traffic is not expecting another driver to be there. 2. Improving Pedestrian Safety. Faded crosswalks or a lack of crosswalks and walkways puts pedestrians at a much greater risk of getting hit by a car. When cars can clearly see pedestrian crossings, they are much more likely to slow down and stop. Ground markings created with stencils saying things such as "slow", "10km/hr" or brightly painted speed bumps will also help control the speed of drivers nearing the cross walks. Having brightly painted walkways and crosswalks also controls the flow of pedestrians to these designated areas. Your clients will feel much safer having a designated walkway or crosswalk to use to get to your Business. And drivers will also be safer since the flow of pedestrians will be kept to specific areas and people will not be walking all over the lot.

3. Protecting Your Liability. As a property owner you are responsible for the safety and upkeep of your parking lot. If there were to be an accident in your lot, you are much less likely to be held liable if you have the proper makings in place and if they are bright and visible. Having your lot painted yearly as well as having safety reviews done of your parking lot by an experienced parking lot line painting company will greatly reduce the risk of having your company be held liable for an accident. 4. Improving and Maintaining Curb Appeal. Business owners want to attract as many clients and customers as possible. Keeping a well maintained parking lot can boost your curb appeal and in return, boost sales and your overall company's image. Line painting and parking lot cleaning is one of the easiest ways to boost your curb appeal. People tend to avoid going to businesses if it is difficult to park or the lot often has traffic. Keeping your lot clean and bright will ensure good flow and is a great first impression of your business for your guests. 5. Updating Traffic Flow. Properties are always changing and what worked for your parking lot in the past could not be working now. Having a professional line painting company look over your site and reconfiguring it could open up more spaces, ensure you are accommodating your customers with family parking, EV spaces, handicapable spaces. Ensure proper pedestrian crossings and walkway and also improve the overall flow and look of your property.

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